Equipped with a single stage helical screw centrifugal impeller, it provides clog-resistant pumping to smoothly move solid and fibrous materials. The steep load capacity curve produced by the impeller provides additional load to help push the fluid through any partial blockage.

Main features

  • High efficiency.

  • Low NPSH requirements.

  • Steep height-capacity curve.

  • Tandem type mechanical seals.

  • Adjustable shirts.

  • Large passage of solids (up to ϕ12cm).

  • High chrome iron impeller and sleeve.


  • Sludge raw and unscreened wastewater.

  • Paper and wood chips.

  • Wet well cleaning.

  • Crystalline compounds.

  • Bacterial flocs.


It is the industry's toughest vortex pump for grit handling, easily moving pipe-sized solids without clogging. With an abrasion resistant construction, it is a robust pump for handling solids.

Main features

  • Special impeller design.

  • Replaceable iron wear plate.

  • Wet end parts available in 650+ Brinell hardness.

  • Stainless steel wet end available on some models.


  • Sewage treatment.

  • Sand and mud.

  • Chemical products.

  • Abrasives.

  • Fluids with large solids.

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