Engineered pumps for heavy duty and slurry applications.

For use in mining, oil and gas, nuclear, chemical, power and industrial applications, its wide range of slurry pumps is designed for each application and project, obtaining a high quality product fully tailored to the customer's installation.


  • Submersible dewatering.

  • Horizontal for end-suction sludge.

  • Horizontal split carcass, single stage and multistage.

  • Double horizontal suction.

  • Cantilever verticals.

  • Submerged bearing vertical.

  • Self-priming, diesel or electric drive.


  • FCCU scrubber (API 610).

  • DCU Fund (API 610).

  • Final PET product.

  • Ash transport. Sludge return.

  • Washing and chemical sump.

  • Demineralizer waste.

  • Concentrated carbon fines.

  • Whitewash.

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