Code of conduct

This CODE OF CONDUCT contains the essence of our MISSION, VISION and VALUES that should govern our behavior in the workplace. For this reason, all PREMATECNICA employees must know it in order to ensure that it is fulfilled in all facets of our activity. In this way we can work with the innovative and creative vision that our work requires.

Since this document is not intended to reflect all situations that may arise, this code is intended to guide employees on the standards of conduct and integrity. In case of doubt or conflict, the department heads will always be available to guide us on the best way to act.

In accordance with our values, the PREMATECNICA code of conduct wants to reinforce and improve our work environment as well as our personal and professional behavior.

The values ‚Äč‚Äčthat have been present during these more than 50 years in the future of the Company are: professionalism, quality, excellence, honesty, integrity, flexibility, joy and collaboration. The VALUES that we want to promote for the future are:


For PREMATECNICA, employees are the basis and engine of our business. These are our external visible face and those that ensure the continuity of our activity. That is why our code of conduct is based on the protection of employees and working conditions. Based on international labor regulations, it includes the following rights and obligations for all employees:

  • Elimination of child labor

    • In no case will the employment of young people or children who do not exceed the minimum age declared by local law where the activity is carried out will be hired or supported. Never less than 14 years if the country can apply exemptions based on Convention no. 138 of the ILO.

    • PREMATECNICA is committed, always to the best of its ability, to help and support minors to leave the world of work.

    • Young employees will not work during compulsory school hours and will not be exposed to dangerous situations or conditions.

  • Forced labor

    • It is absolutely prohibited. Knowledge of any of these situations must be reported to those responsible for the Organization.

    • No identity document of the workers will be physically retained in any case or for any purpose.

  • Safety and hygiene

    • PREMATECNICA is committed to maintaining a healthy and safe work environment.

    • To do this, there is an occupational risk prevention plan that must be known to all employees.

    • Employees may also freely propose all those improvement measures in this aspect that they consider. All current and new employees will be trained in health and safety.

    • The rules will be available to all staff in an easy and accessible way.

  • Non-discrimination

    • PREMATECNICA will not favor discrimination in terms of hiring, remuneration, training, promotion or retirement for reasons of sex, social class, race, religion, age, sexual orientation, political or union orientation.

    • The activities that employees carry out outside the work environment, whatever their nature, must always be respected. Therefore, neither the rest of the employees nor the company as an organization should interfere in them, always respecting the personal identity of the worker and without this affecting the development of their work.

    • For their part, employees may not carry out work or personal activities that could harm PREMATECNICA's image or activity or harm the Company financially.

  • Integrity

    • The physical integrity of people will always be defended, corporal punishment, mental or physical coercion and physical or verbal aggression being expressly prohibited.

    • All sexually coercive or abusive behavior falls outside the expected ethical behavior of workers.

  • Workday

    • Regular weekly work according to the legal limit.

    • Holidays will be established as a minimum in accordance with current regulations, always having the right to enjoy them.

  • Salaries and benefits

    • The salary conditions and benefits must be clearly communicated to the beneficiaries in a timely manner, respecting confidentiality where appropriate.

    • Minimum wage: legal or applicable in the industry. This must also allow to cover basic needs in a sufficient way.

    • Overtime payment: in accordance with the provisions of the internal remuneration policy.

  • Management

    • The Company is committed to guaranteeing working conditions, always complying with the laws and regulations in force wherever it operates, as well as those of an international nature.

    • PREMATECNICA acquires a public commitment to its social responsibility policy, always seeking to improve it and its adaptation to the needs that arise at all times.

    • The Company's Management will appoint a senior representative to ensure compliance with this code as well as its periodic review accompanied by a representative of the employees chosen by them.


PREMATECNICA seeks efficiency at work, this being a commitment within the organization at all levels. Thanks to efficiency, we also seek to differentiate ourselves competitively in the sector. For this, our code of conduct tells us that:

  • The roles and responsibilities of top management and different departments should be clearly defined for greater efficiency.

  • We comply with our agreements and commitments with our clients and suppliers, always ensuring compliance with the laws in force where they apply. We must also ensure that all internal regulations regarding confidentiality and protection of all information related to them are met.

  • PREMATECNICA undertakes to verify that suppliers and contractors are also aware of this standard and undertake to comply with it by signing an ethical clause attached to the contracts. This should consider:

    • Their commitment to comply with the standards described both in the ethical code and in this code of conduct.

    • Participate in activities to control compliance with the same if required by PREMATECNICA.

    • Remedy or solve situations in which these rules are not observed.

    • Properly inform PREMATECNICA of any relevant information on this matter in due time and form.


Communication is our main contact tool with our stakeholders. Given the importance that this has for us, we commit ourselves through this code of conduct to:

  • Ensure that all policies, codes and changes are clearly explained and understood by the parties involved, internal and external. In addition, the monitoring and modification of this code will be reported if relevant.

  • In addition, communication channels are provided in case of doubts, complaints or suggestions about them. In no case will the company impose disciplinary measures or discrimination on employees who report facts related to the breach of this rule.

  • Ensure that communications are transparent and carried out in a timely manner.

  • All policies and procedures must be documented and accessible for your reference at all times.

  • New employees must be aware of all of them and trained according to a reception plan.

  • Awareness days will be held periodically on all or some specific aspect of this rule to ensure its proper compliance.

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