Process instrumentation


Design, manufacture and distribution of high precision liquid flow meters (from ½” to 16”) and piston control valves, both supported by strainer or air eliminators and accessories, as used in the custody transfer of petroleum products.


Barton®, Nuflo™, Clif-Mock™ y Jiskoot™ measurement and control instrumentation for the process control, oil and gas industries: chart recorders, turbine meters, flow analyzers, positive displacement meters, flow computers, sampling systems, ultrasonics and water cut analysis.


Coupons, probes, equipment and integrated control and measurement corrosion and sediment monitoring systems, in different environments and technologies.Chemical injection.


Specialist in combustion technology: UV, IR and VIS flame detection, fixed and portable ignition systems, gas, fuel or dual burners, video thermography systems, cameras and accessories for combustion processes.


Positioners, transducers, actuators, filters and accesories by Conoflow®. Adjustable standard, differential, pressure/vacuum, hermetically sealed, and miniature pressure switches, temperature switches and flow switches by Neo-Dyn®.


Registered trademark, gasQSTM, technology which uses microelectromechanical and microthermal sensors for the determination by correlation of the physical quality of the gas, obtaining a result similar to a gas chromatograph without the cost of calibration in each measurement. Especially effective in binary and ternary gas mixtures to determine their percentage composition and calculate various properties, such as the methane numer, thermal conductivity, calorific value, and density, with high precision. Measurement systems are designed considering client's pressure and temperature conditions, providing customized solutions for applications such as biomethane plants, fuel cells, industrial burners, gas engines and blending hydrogen into natural gas pipeline networks.


Fixed detection systems for combustible and toxic gases. Wide range of detectors, controllers, smart / compact equipment available. They use different measurement principles: IR, thermocatalytic and electrochemical sensors depending on the type of gas, being highly versatile and adaptable for different industries and processes.

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