Environmental management

At PREMATECNICA we are concerned about caring for the environment.

And with the aim of minimizing the possible environmental impact of the activities we develop, among which is the design of equipment for the energy industry, and those of our clients, through innovation in our products, we intend to prevent pollution and efficiently manage the waste we generate.

Through this environmental management plan we show our commitment to protecting the planet and conserving the environment, and this is how we want it to be reflected in our business decisions.

In order to carry out this purpose, we will base ourselves on the following criteria, being our main commitments:

  • Promotion of sustainable development: carrying out all our activities with the utmost respect for the environment, always seeking the efficient use of resources and promoting the commercialization of products that contribute to it.

  • Legislation: ensuring compliance with all kinds of legal requirements. We also want to go further by progressively acquiring voluntary commitments that allow us to advance in promoting sustainable development.

  • Minimum environmental impact: making a responsible use of resources, with the premise of minimizing the production of waste, recycling them and preventing pollution. This is undoubtedly the basis of our innovation strategy.

  • In our offices we also apply measures that allow us to contribute to an optimal use of resources and a better management of the waste we produce: reduction of water consumption, responsible consumption of energy or waste management and recycling.

  • Continuous program, through a suggestion and improvement box, that is always operational to be able to incorporate the measures proposed by all our stakeholders whenever possible. In addition, we seek the continuous improvement of the environmental behavior of all the people linked to our activity.

  • We promise to comply with and keep up to date all local, provincial, regional, national and European legislation that affects PREMATECNICA's activities, as well as other requirements that the organization subscribes to.

  • There will be a periodic control of the effectiveness of the environmental management system, establishing environmental objectives and goals through programs that are reviewed to continuously improve the environmental management system.

  • We will endeavor to reduce, avoid or eliminate the various types of pollution present, depending on the economic viability of the company.

  • We are committed to managing the waste we generate, as well as to minimizing its generation.

  • Appropriate measures will be taken to avoid accidents or incidents that may affect the environment through prevention and training of the organization's staff.

  • The necessary measures will be adopted so that all the personnel belonging to the PREMATECNICA staff are aware of this policy. It will also be disseminated to subcontractors and collaborators, and will also be made available to the public through the website.

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