EQUIPMENT Business Unit

PREMATECNICA is very selective in accepting representations, trying to make available to customers the leading brands in each field. With some of them took decades working together.

Our experience, endorsement of our reputation, is complemented by the flexibility to adapt to the current market scenario imposes demanding fast response and versatility.

Within this distribution and representation activity, started more than 60 years ago, we offer you a wide range of first-rate equipment that covers, among others, the disciplines: compression, filtering, pumping, detection, monitoring, control, etc.

Likewise, we have the required capacity to complement with ancillary and/or auxiliary equipment the supply of vacuum systems, compression and regulation and measurement stations, etc.

They have extensive references for each team depending on the sector and end user.

Our goal is to meet the needs of the projects in which we participate, creating professional relationship with our customers and principals.

In our delivery program lists the various Companies and products, so abbreviated.

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