After-sales technical assistance and ORIGINAL spare parts for all the equipment and instruments that make up our delivery program. All the activities carried out by our personnel, except those that affect equipment and/or instruments that due to their complexity or nature prevent the intervention of other personnel that are not strictly that of the manufacturer.

Assembly and commissioning

Assembly and commissioning of combustion equipment and package units.

Maintenance and repair

Specialized preventive/corrective maintenance, in the client or in our workshops/factories, both for combustion equipment (own or external) and for the rest of the equipment in our delivery program.

Instrumentation and control

Design and manufacture of control panels, even with redundant safety PLC, for package units by qualified personnel.

Engineering specials

Detailed engineering solutions specialized in thermofluids: fluid modeling, simulation and modeling, dispersion studies, radiation, etc.

Spare parts

Supply of guaranteed ORIGINAL spare parts for all our equipment, directly from our principals.

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