PREMATECNICA has shown in recent years a special sensitivity for the individual rights of employees, protecting and promoting them.

Following the principles contained in Law 3/2007 on the Equality of Women and Men, PREMATECNICA expressly declares its determined will to promote real equality between women and men, working on the obstacles and social stereotypes that may persist and that prevent it from being achieved.

PREMATECNICA understands that working conditions affect people's living conditions, since working time constitutes the backbone not only of working life but, more broadly, of social life.

Hence the need to advance in compliance with the principle of effective equality of opportunities, establishing conditions that allow and favor, in a real and effective way, the reconciliation of work and private life.

Therefore it is intended to achieve the objective that is the basis of said law, as well as to continue advancing in the development of a favorable framework for labor relations based on equal opportunities, non-discrimination and respect for diversity, promoting a safe and healthy environment:

  • Promoting the principle of equal treatment between women and men, guaranteeing the same professional opportunities in employment, selection, remuneration, training, development, promotion and working conditions.

  • Guaranteeing the absence of discrimination, direct or indirect, based on sex, and especially those derived from maternity, paternity, the assumption of family obligations, marital status and working conditions.

  • Eliminating all manifestations of discrimination in internal promotion and selection in order to achieve a balanced representation of women in the workforce.

  • Preventing sexual harassment and harassment based on sex, implementing a code of conduct that protects all employees from offenses of a sexual nature.

  • Favoring equal opportunities at all organizational levels through communication and training actions.

  • Encouraging the reconciliation of professional, personal and family life for all employees of the company, regardless of their seniority.

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