Quality policy

The quality system, which scope is the design and manufacture of flares and combustion equipment, marketing and servicing of equipment, machines, instruments and systems for the process and related industries, has the purpose of satisfying PREMATECNICA clients by meeting both, the established and legal requirements. To do this, the quality system aims to:

  • Guide the Company activities and decisions to meet client’s needs and expectations.

  • Select Mission, Vision and Values of the company and its objectives: PREMATECNICA is a Company whose VISION is to be an innovative company to grow creatively, promoting the values of COMMITMENT, EFFICIENCY, COMMUNICATION and SUSTAINABILITY.

  • Manage the quality of all the activities in order to ensure compliance with the requirements and improve continually the effectiveness of the system.

  • Promote the personnel’s autonomy and initiative to contribute more effectively to the achievement of the Company objectives.

  • Keep a spirit of continuous improvement in all client related activities, through an exhaustive control of operations to achieve client loyalty.  

The Management and personnel of this Company shares and understands the Management System as a way of work for each and every of their activities.

This Quality Policy has been notified to all the personnel and it’s understood, implemented and kept up-to-date at all levels of the organization, and regularly its effectiveness and fulfilment is carried out.

The Management establishes, once a year, specific purposes for each area of the Company, setting responsibilities to their achievement, establishing performance criteria and assigning the necessary resources to achieve the general aims of the Quality Policy.

Madrid, 8th May 2018.

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