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In PREMATECNICA, S.A. we take utmost care and respect towards the personal data of employees, clients, suppliers, web users, social networks, etc. which we may handle during the course of our activity. Therefore, the data requested shall be treated in a confidentiality register of activities and solely for its designated purpose undertaking not to cede or sell them to third parties without specific approval, under the following characteristics:

  1. Who is responsible for the treatment of your data?

    Identity: PREMATECNICA, S.A.
    VAT number: A28098770
    Postal address: c/ Laguna del Marquesado, 14 - Puerta 2 - Pol. Ind. La Resina - 28021 MADRID - Spain
    Phone: (+34) 915 57 05 00*

  2. With what purpose do we treat your personal data?

    In PREMATECNICA, S.A. we treat the information supplied by the concerned person who may be interested in our products and/or services or to have queries resolved including this information in the register of treatment activities.

  3. How long do we keep your data?

    The supplied personal data are kept the strictly necessary time to comply with the purpose of the treatment, respond to exerted claims and respond to possible legal obligations.

  4. Which is the legitimation of the treatment?

    The legal base for the treatment of your data rests in your express and informed agreement.

  5. Which recipients will your data be communicated to?

    As a rule, your data will not be communicated to third parties except if there is a legal obligation; however, they may be told to Companies providing services related to the request made. Should additional information about these Companies be required, this information can be requested from the Security responsible person. If you wish to exert your rights vis a vis these companies, PREMATECNICA, S.A. shall provide the service in your name following your request. Under no circumstances shall we cede your datato marketing or publicity companies.

  6. How did we obtain your data?

    The personal data handled by PREMATECNICA, S.A. emanate from the concerned person.

  7. Which data do we treat?

    The categories of data that are treated are: identification and contact. Specially protected data are not treated.

  8. Which are your rights when you cede your data?

    1. Access. Means information about the data we have, their recipients, the holding time and the exercise right. You can exert it anytime you want information about which of your data we treat.

    2. Amendment. Means modifying or completing your personal data which may be inaccurate. You can exert it when your data change.

    3. Supression or right to oblivion. Means eliminating your personal data. You can exert it when the reason we treated your data has is no longer valid or when you withdraw your consentment among others.

    4. Opposition. Means not treating your personal data. You can exert it when your data are treated based on the achievement of a public interest mission and/or to satisfy the legitimate interests of the responsible entity.

    5. Limitation. Means the form your data are treated. You can exert it when the exactitude of the personal data is challenged or when they oppose to the suppression of the personal data.

    6. Portability. Means informing about the data we treat or transmitting them to another responsible. You can exert it when you withdraw the consent, when the contract to which it gives rise is resolved or when the treatment is done by informatized means.

To exert your rights please request information in

The person concerned retains also the right to file the claim with the Agencia Española de Protección de Datos (AEPD) at: c/ Jorge Juan, 6 - 28001 MADRID - Tel. 901 10 00 99 / 912 66 35 17 - Sede Electrónica.

Madrid, 28th of October 2020.

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