The operating characteristics of the Roto-Jet pump are simple and similar to those of a conventional centrifugal pump. Energy is added to the fluid through the rotor and the pitot-tube converts the energy from the fluid's velocity into static pressure.

Features and benefits

  • No external lubrication system is required.

  • No wear rings or tight running clearances.

  • Thanks to its robust design, the pump is not affected by sudden process disturbances.

  • Pulsation-free flow throughout the head-flow curve.

  • Life cycle cost reduction by optimizing hydraulic efficiency.

  • Process seals are exposed to suction pressure only for maximum seal life.

  • Full discharge pressure is achieved in a single stage at low operating speeds compared to other pumps.

Operation range

  • Maximum flow: 102 m3/h.

  • Maximum height: 1,524 m.


  • Oil&Gas: gasoline, gasoline, diesel, kerosene, propane, isobutane, reflux, amine treatment, depropanizer, deethanizer, washing water or boiler feed.

  • General industrial: supply to boilers, centralized cleaning systems, high pressure water injection or reverse osmosis systems.

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