Social responsibility

PREMATECNICA was founded in Madrid (Spain) in 1961, is a benchmark in the field of foreign representation of first-order capital equipment for the process industries, energy and similar manufacturers also dedicating many years to design and manufacture of own equipment.

To achieve our vision of becoming a company with a high SINGULAR component model INNOVATION base our work on the premise HAPPINESS AT WORK. Promote professional growth of our employees by providing training and involving them in a common project.

Furthermore, we also want that customers, suppliers, represented, agents, etc.,  as part of this philosophy. In short, we seek to convey this philosophy to society.

This motivation is what has led us to develop this plan for Social Responsibility, because we want to go one step further and reflect our commitment to the problems of our time in our business strategy.

The first step was to define what is social responsibility for us:

"A set of values ​​and procedures acting ethically responsible, individually and collectively, to promote our business and contribute to sustainable development"

The next step was the identification of key stakeholders, on which will base all actions and measures. Result of this work we have identified:


In PREMATECNICA know that our employees are our greatest asset. So, for years now we are implementing a human resources policy that has led us to appear for several consecutive years in the prestigious Best SME Workplaces Spain.

Listen and take care of our employees is a priority. Every year we conducted a climate survey in 2014 in which we have included as a new social responsibility issues.

The new employees have a host and manual tracking survey to accompany it in its first phase of adaptation.

In PREMATECNICA want to break the barriers of discrimination. We have a plan for gender equality to ensure equal access to all kinds of opportunities for men and women.


As a mainstay of our business, we pay special attention to the care of our clients, which annually passes are also a satisfaction survey.

PREMATECNICA is certified under the standards set by ISO 9001, which shows our work to ensure a reliable and quality products.


As part of our strategy of communication with our stakeholders have been informed of the project to our suppliers we are carrying out and the future inclusion of a social responsibility clause in the contracts.

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