Wide range of pumping solutions for all types of fluids, especially hydrocarbons, dangerous chemicals, superheated water and high temperature thermal oils, up to 450°C.


Complete packages of liquid ring vacuum pumps with seal liquid recovery, auxiliary services and hybrid systems with ejectors.


Vertical submersible for water and hydrocarbons, low vibration and long lasting design. Process industry applications in compliance with API 610 and mining services.

Specialist in applications for the oil&gas, chemical and energy industries, it has one of the broadest portfolios in terms of API610 pumps.

High efficiency and reliable high head low flow (Pitot tube system) for handling clean fluids in general services and API610 applications. Simple and robust design, ease of operation and low maintenance requirements.

Vortex type designed to transfer fluids containing large particles, abrasive or slurry (dredging, mining or industrial sewage), while minimizing abrasion and risk of clogging. Self-primer are rugged and dependable self-priming, solids handling, trash pumping that are suitable for a wide range of applications. Easy to maintenance without special tools.


Centrifugal slurry horizontal and vertical design. Applications for moderate and heavy-duty in processing and waste plants, for nuclear sludge, coker and other processes in compliance with API 610.

Vertical and horizontal pumps for sulfur, oleum and sulfuric acid. Vertical pumps for molten salts. Axial flow pumps for phosphoric acid, brine or potash. Butterfly, globe and gate valves for the most demanding applications. Specialist in corrosive/abrasive pumping applications, thanks to their Lewmet® and Phosduplex® alloys, of unmatched resistance, which confirms them as the world standard in sulfuric acid applications.

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