Circular economy

The objective of the CIRCULAR ECONOMY is to optimize the production of goods and services, from the initial design, extending their life cycle and reducing waste generation and energy consumption.

How does PREMATECNICA contribute to the circular economy?

We contribute to the efficient use of resources, reuse and revaluation of waste by our clients, providing solutions for circular economy projects such as promoting the use of renewable gases for the energy transition:

  • HYDROGEN, BIOGAS and BIOMETHANE: compression, security and control of renewable gas streams.

  • HYDROGEN: study and adaptation of equipment that consumes natural gas to replace it with green hydrogen in their production processes.

We design and offer treatment solutions that reduce emissions safely and efficiently, helping our clients meet environmental requirements, and participating in specific initiatives aimed at recovering waste.

For example, chemical recycling, which is the process of converting non-recyclable plastic waste into chemicals, uses pyrolysis, a process by which plastics are melted in an oxygen-free environment, vaporized and condensed as liquid hydrocarbons. and are refined and improved as raw materials for traditional petrochemical uses.

Polluting gases are treated in our thermal oxidizers during a controlled residence time, to ensure the elimination of harmful components, guarantee VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emission levels and eliminate toxic compounds.


With more than 60 years in the market, we develop cutting-edge solutions at a national and international level, to offer the most appropriate equipment for the needs of each case.

We are experts in combustion equipment and technologies, a reference in the process and energy sectors.

All of this is always managed from a personalized service and continuous support, through field assistance, design and supply of replacement burners, and specialized engineering studies.

Our competitive advantage is the sum of extensive experience and the flexibility that characterizes us.

We are proud to offer personalized solutions to our clients, helping them respond to their challenges and generating value.

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