Safety and health

Prevention of occupational risks in the Company is based on the following principles:

  • Assume the commitment to achieve a high level of safety and health at work beyond the minimum required by current legislation.

  • As a general acting to be developed within the Company will be integrated in our activities and decisions.

  • It is established that the responsibility in the management of the prevention of occupational risks is a function of Direction, that must administer any command at any level of the hierarchical structure, with equal dedication and commitment with which administers the rest of activities that have been delegated to him.

  • It is a component of business activity, being consistent with other human resources policies and receiving the same treatment as the rest of functions performed by the Company.

  • Consultation and participation or workers is organized as well as the theoretical and practical information and training the workers may need in all issues related to the prevention of occupational risks.

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