International leader with over 80 years of proven experience in supplying vertical turbine pumps for the water and wastewater, oil and gas, mining, energy and industrial markets.


  • Water Intake and treatment: designed for NSF 61 or ANSI 372 potable water applications and other applications such as finished water, raw, river or lake water intake, reverse osmosis feed, recycled water, reclaimed water, final effluent, secondary water , backwash water, brackish water and aquifer storage in a sump (VS1) or barrel (VS6) design.

  • Desalination: membrane feed, brackish water well pumps, finished water, raw water intake, distillate extraction, brine purge, brine circulation and aquifer recharge.

  • Oil&Gas: designed in accordance with API610, they can work in pumping applications such as light hydrocarbons, high vapor pressure (low NPSHA), offshore platforms and seawater lift, crude oil transfer, refinery service, LPG transfer, cryogenic liquid , cooling water, jet fueling, terminals and transfer and fire pumps.

  • Energy: raw water intake, river or lake and cooling.

  • General industry.

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