September, 2019

1000 bar hydrogen

DIAPHRAGM COMPRESSORS<br>1000 bar hydrogen

The market for hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV) is developing rapidly, since hydrogen is the only solution currently available for long-range mobility.

With pure hydrogen compression needs of up to 90 MPa, diaphragm compressors are the ideal solution for the FCEV industry due to their high reliability and safety, guaranteeing a free operation from hydrogen leaks or contamination.

HOWDEN Burton Corblin®, with more than 100 years of experience in hydrogen compression, has developed a range of products to facilitate refueling of FCEVs.

This new modular range allows to use standardized components and at the same time, to maintain the possibility of customizing the compression system for each application.

With about 750 hydrogen compressors with diaphragm technology supplied in the last 25 years, HOWDEN is a leader in the design and manufacture of compression systems for the hydrogen FCEV market.

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