June, 2019



Our represented CAMERON is a pioneer and leader in the development and manufacture of equipment for automation and flow computing.

Among its main applications would be the measurement of the volume of liquid or gaseous hydrocarbons, water and saturated steam. They are suitable for custody transfer and totalization of turbines.

CAMERON has the SCANNER 2000 SERIES flow computers, both for wired and wireless installations and for local and remote installation and transmission. They are highly versatile and can work independently, such as a flow computer, such as a remote transmission unit, a process controller, or integrated into a SCADA network using the 3100 SCANNER, which supports up to 20 flow computers.

The SCANNER 2000 SERIES provide high resolution data for the analysis of process systems, compared to remote transmission units and conventional flow computers. They also have high capacity of records, which allow daily records and also register up to 16 measurements every 5 seconds, either for monitoring critical flow processes or testing, resulting in a great advantage over competitive teams.

The range of equipment has the 2000 model, which can operate autonomously with an internal lithium battery for a year or more and the 2100 and 2200 models, suitable for short or long distance communications, without cables, which is up to 50 % savings on installation. They are completed with waterproof housings, integral radio and power by rechargeable batteries, power or solar panels.

CAMERON offers solutions to the different needs of its customers with a wide range of options, designed to provide the best service and improve the efficiency of the facilities, reducing operation and installation costs.

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